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Keyhole Gardening

When in Paris...

...There was an event in front of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris informing people about community gardening, specifically a concept called Keyhole Gardening, a form of permaculture.

The basic concept is to have a round-ish spot of soil with a hole in the middle, which serves as a compost and therefore will give nutrients and humidity to the soil for the plants, herbs, veggies to grow around it.


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Growing Tomatoes and Courgettes for the First Time

One of the influences for me to start growing tomatoes and courgettes in pots at home was this project. (Besides the desire to have fresh, sun-kissed tomato salad topped with basil). When I started doing research, I began with looking at the resources on this site and it helped me a lot to get a first basic understanding.

So, I wanted to share some photos of my plantlets with you! I hope I'll actually get to show you also the result in a few months.

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