Looking for the guerrilleros

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Today, on this grey Sunday morning, I got up early, baked a chocolate cake and together with Hagen, we went off to Perpignan to meet the Guerilla Gardening Group Perpignan. Fabien Selo invited us to join the group which wanted to use the opportunity of the Sainte Cathrine day to plant some trees at their piece of land at the area of the university of Perpignan.

Guerilla Gardening

We were jumping over fences, cutting accross the area through underbrushes and thickets but we could not find the Guerrilleros. Guerilla GardeningInstead, we saw a theater group, some joggers and a lot of abandoned places. We made the strange experience of not being able to call anybody as we did not have a mobile phone (mine is still not delivered and Hagens broke down just yesterday).


Perhaps, the group decided not to plant anything as it looked rainy... So we went back to our garden, continuing building the drystone wall and sieving another cubic metre of the gardens' soil.