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Harvesting seeds for the next seasons

The developments we saw in Freiburg during the implementation of the project are just amazing: not possible to imagine Freiburg without Urban Gardens any more. Besides the first, pilot garden projects (in particular "Bambis Beet" in front of the theatre), guerilla gardening activities, raised beds and "official" community plots in public parks and open spaces have popped up all over the city. What is best: through the kick-start support of the coordination group, the active gardeners in different parts of the city got to know each other and now interact on a self-organised basis.

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Πού......."σπείραμε σπόρους"

Στα δύο χρόνια του πρότζεκτ "Σπόροι για το μέλλον", οι εταίροι και οι εκπαιδευόμενοι από τις επτά ευρωπαϊκές χώρες που συμμετείχαμε, εργαστήκαμε από κοινού, οργανώσαμε και πήραμε μέρος σε σεμινάρια κι εργαστήρια, εμπνευστήκαμε ο ένας απ' τον άλλον, μοιραστήκαμε τις γνώσεις κι εμπειρίες μας, ερευνήσαμε όσο το δυνατόν περισσότερες μεθόδους βιώσιμης και φιλικής προς το περιβάλλον καλλιέργειας λαχανικών (βλ.

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Where we ......have "sowed some seeds"

During the two years of "Seeds for the future" project, partners and learners from seven Europen countries worked together, organised and participated in seminars and workshops, got inspiration from each other, shared knoweledge and experiences, carried out a lot of research trying to learn as much as possible about sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of vegetable growing (see:

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January 2014

This is the blog that I prepared in January 2014 but could not access the website:

We have experienced awful weather these past couple of months with gales and torrential rain so there have not been many opportunities to do any gardening. Luckily we had felled the trees around the site beforehand, as they were restricting sunlight, and we have now finished cross cutting and storing the logs. These were shared with Rhyd Y Creauau, Field Studies Council who let us use their land. The remainder will be sold next year for income for our community group.

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garden Future Pinterest Board

If you join Pinterest and seek out shanjamilashton and check out my Garden Future Board - it is full of ideas on vertical gardening, hydroponics, home-made watering systems, mini sustainable energy systems for gardening, mulching, spiral gardens, companion planting...great links to world-wide ideas.

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How to find our project guide in Italy

Unfortunately our Seeds for the Future project has come to an end, but the good news is that finally by July 2014, the guide produced will be available in PDF format and readable on smartphones.

The handbook contains many tutorials in English and in almost all the languages of the project partners and the results of some research in English related to the topic of cultivation, especially natural, of your garden. A useful guide that you can carry with you everywhere, to get different answers directly to the site of your production...

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Vertical gardens in Berlin

Thomas_U in our Freiburg gardening group made me aware of these beautiful examples of vertical gardens in Berlin-Kreuzberg - inspired by Patrick Blanc who also created a big wall of tropical plants in one Dussmann department store in Berlin.

Learn more here - the article is in German, but you may scroll down for the picture gallery:

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Keyhole Gardening

When in Paris...

...There was an event in front of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris informing people about community gardening, specifically a concept called Keyhole Gardening, a form of permaculture.

The basic concept is to have a round-ish spot of soil with a hole in the middle, which serves as a compost and therefore will give nutrients and humidity to the soil for the plants, herbs, veggies to grow around it.



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Growing Tomatoes and Courgettes for the First Time

One of the influences for me to start growing tomatoes and courgettes in pots at home was this project. (Besides the desire to have fresh, sun-kissed tomato salad topped with basil). When I started doing research, I began with looking at the resources on this site and it helped me a lot to get a first basic understanding.

So, I wanted to share some photos of my plantlets with you! I hope I'll actually get to show you also the result in a few months.


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