Our first project year

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The first project year is over and for this reason a short summary of our activities:

We had a meeting on  December 13th 2012 in Lisbon, with the company responsible for  the city municipal of Lisbon and the Association representative of the residents of the neighborhood where we decided that the intervention will take place.


At this meeting we explained the project "Garden Future: Seeds for the Future", its objectives and activities that will be developed in public spaces that belong to the City of Lisbon. We listed four major objectives to be achieved:

  • Recovery of derelict land
  • Improve  the neighborhood and green spaces
  • Rationalize the use of water
  • Decrease vegetable vandalism

 We are also working to raise awareness in other entities whose actions support policies related to social responsibility in the field of recovery of public green spaces and to help promote and support our project "Garden Future ".


With the following activities:

  • Preparation and cleaning of a small parcel of land
  • Planting some species :  flowers and vegetables
  • Follow-up Activities.




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