Lisbon Meeting

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According to varied experiences of exchange of good practices , the various delegations have experienced and explored various alternatives by which the size and relevance of the work that has been being held in the city of Lisbon has achieved , was elected as a space for experimentation in areas of urban Ecology , Biodiversity , Ecological Structure and urban Horticulture Programs , for the meeting held from 15 to 18 January 2014.

CMLThe project " Seeds for the Future " ( / ) fits the " Grundtvig " program of the European Commission in Portugal and have the National LLP Agency ( wordpress /) as the support structure and Mission Unit to monitor European projects under the " Lifelong Learning Programme " of the European Commission , the Portuguese , partner organizations or promoters of projects within its scope.

The work done on the 17th in Lisbon included the receipt of the participants in the File Room by Deputy Mayor of Lisbon José Sá Fernandes and the intervention of representatives of the National Agency LLP, Mr. Eng António Nunes, national coordinator of the Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig and Dr. Eugénia Inácio, the structure responsible for the sub-program Grundtvig.

It was still possible to have the presence of University Professor Helena Caria on behalf of the University of Lisbon (Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon), with great interest that has accompanied the development of the project to the stage of its dissemination is brought to students and faculty.

The Portuguese Association of Health and Safety Work APSHSTDC, with the Statute of Non Governmental Organization for Development, it is a legal person of public interest, recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a member of the United Nations Global Compact and the National Network for Corporate Social responsibility, RSO.PT, being a partner in the project "Seeds for the Future", was responsible for conducting the meeting in Lisbon, and ensured their representation in that direction for its reception by its members: President Dr . Vitor Jorge and Vice-President Eng. Pedro Carrana and the President of the General Assembly, Mrs. Prof. Adelia Prata.

The Landscape Architect Duarte d'Araujo Mata, by the office of the Deputy Mayor, presented the sustainability strategy at the level of the green structure and green spaces was presented, covering such aspects as the process of development and design of spaces, funding processes, strategic guidelines and evaluation and monitoring work, framing this area not only with regard to urban gardens, but also aspects such as cycling network, green corridors, management of green spaces and public participation.

The overall assessment of the Lisbon meeting, was considered excellent by all European partners.

It was also considered important by all participants with the support of the Municipality of Lisbon and the LLP National Agency, was drawn up a summary presentation so you can be present to local authorities in their respective countries, as the following examples, in order to can be established and any future bridges of collaboration and working within the rehabilitation of urban areas and the development of new models of sustainability.

See the notes of the project in the website of the Municipal Council of Lisbon.



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