How to find our project guide in Italy

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Unfortunately our Seeds for the Future project has come to an end, but the good news is that finally by July 2014, the guide produced will be available in PDF format and readable on smartphones.

The handbook contains many tutorials in English and in almost all the languages of the project partners and the results of some research in English related to the topic of cultivation, especially natural, of your garden. A useful guide that you can carry with you everywhere, to get different answers directly to the site of your production.

We decided to organize an event in late July at Workcoffee Tolmezzo to present the guide and distribute it in paper format to the participants. The event will be broadcast live on twitter. Everything will be advertised in advance not only on the website and on the facebook page of Cramars but also on the site of Workcoffee and through radio and local press.

Obviously the class of the Institution of Higher Education “Pachini” of Tolmezzo that has actively contributed to the contents will be invited. The students involved will receive the PDF via WhatsApp, since there is an active group called the "Pachiniani Diggers", which by the way is available to help in the garden this summer when school is over.

However, we will send the PDF to all the schools of Tolmezzo and we will make it available on the website of the Municipality of Tolmezzo that in the first year has contributed to the project by providing a ground.

Anyone passing on the bike path which parallels our garden, can obtain all the information and guidance available through the QR code on the front door of the tools depot.

The project ends but not the contribution made by the working group which will remain active with the students of the schools in the next three years to continue to plant the seeds for the future. The guide can always be obtained in paper version by contacting Cramars of Tolmezzo.