Harvesting seeds for the next seasons

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The developments we saw in Freiburg during the implementation of the project are just amazing: not possible to imagine Freiburg without Urban Gardens any more. Besides the first, pilot garden projects (in particular "Bambis Beet" in front of the theatre), guerilla gardening activities, raised beds and "official" community plots in public parks and open spaces have popped up all over the city. What is best: through the kick-start support of the coordination group, the active gardeners in different parts of the city got to know each other and now interact on a self-organised basis. Several networking meetings have been organised already, on invitation by single garden projects, for an exchange on any kind of botanic, social, organisational topic around urban community gardening and permaculture. And the experiences gained from the workshops and the international exchange with the Garden Future partners are worthy and welcomed! The german version of the Gardeners' Guide as well as the many additional posts and recommendations on this blog will continued to be shared in Freiburgs urban gardening community as many tipps have been tested and proven already, with good success:

The seeds we have sown have grown up to healthy plants which provide good seeds for upcoming seasons and new gardens!