The garden-future project is inspired by the ideas of perma-culture, urban farming & guerrilla gardening. These focus on an organic approach to ecology, landscape, gardening & architecture by creating a more sustainable way of living.

Through gardening we will encourage re-thinking the use of public space, foster civic participation and local revitalization.

Our participants will have the possibility to travel to Dobele, Corfu, Tolmezzo, Freiburg, Lisbon and Betws-y-Coed, discover private and public gardens, share and gain gardening knowledge and attend the following workshops:

  • how to manage community projects and make them visible to a wider audience
  • gardening according to perma culture principles
  • watering systems and the use of sustainable materials in the garden
  • how to build a vertical garden
  • organizing a local/regional garden market

We aim to work with garden specialists, botanical centers, young and old people, with all, who joining the love for gardening.

It can be a lot of fun taking part in this project. If you are interested in, contact us.