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crop rotation

Dear Andrea,

we were talking about your permaculture workshop and discussed the materials you provided with some Fitounais gardeners few days ago and one question came up:

how do you rotate plants in permaculture? I asked you during the workshop and you said there is no need for rotation when chosen the right combination and places for plants.

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After Corfu

Seed exchangeThe meeting in Corfu was very interesting and inspiring, especially the visits of the two organic farms gave me some thoughts to think about. To me, the very strong approach of Derk is impressive but as Brigitta said "I am not so strong, I could not live like he does."

The approach of the Bioporos farm is closer to what is practically possible in my life, even still tough. It's really difficult and sometimes impossible to really know what you are eating or take another choice because of limited alternatives.


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