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garden Future Pinterest Board

If you join Pinterest and seek out shanjamilashton and check out my Garden Future Board - it is full of ideas on vertical gardening, hydroponics, home-made watering systems, mini sustainable energy systems for gardening, mulching, spiral gardens, companion planting...great links to world-wide ideas.


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A Corfiot Garden

What was wonderful about visiting the gardens in Corfu was the great committment shown by the gardeners/farmers to their different approaches to gardening - from a full permaculture approach to standard organic and a small community garden. Each type gave us pause to reflect before moving on with our own garden activities at home!

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Corfu Visit

A big thank you to Pepy, Dimitris and all at 2nd Chance School for a wonderful visit - so good to meet you all again but also to visit the gardens, the wonderful food and great conversations. Thanks so much

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Welsh Community Partner

Golygfa Gwydr, one of the two Welsh community participants in Garden-Future have been given a national award by Environment Wales for their contribution to improving and protecting the environment of Wales. Fantastic news and a great reward for all the volunteer effort and hard work of the Golygfa Gwydr team.

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winter in Wales

We cannot be very active in gardening right now as we are experiencing one of the wettest winters ever and the ground is waterlogged and impossible to work with. Instead we are using the time to build reserach, ideas and engage with local communities so that we have a lively group of volunteers ready for spring action!

Rosie has hosted a Christmas supper in Golygfa Gwydr and spoke about Garden Futures - we have at least two new volunteers out of this and future produce will feed regular community suppers in the future!

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I have been exploring the garden section of Pinterest and have pinned photos and links to good gardening ideas for our project - from how to build different types of gardening containers (for small and large spaces, steep and flat places) to ideas on recycling old materials to make garden gates (works of art!). Check me, Shan Ashton, and my 'Garden' board on Pinterest to see what is there...photograph your work and post it to Pinterest - a wide dissemination!


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