How to keep traditional seeds

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  1. Let the best* of the first fruits overripe on the plant, preferably one near the plant's roots

    Let the best* of the last fruits overripe on the plant, as this one's seeds will give us plants which can stand colder temperatures.
  2. Put the seeds in a bowl and rinse them with water. We should throw away seeds that float as they are sterile, and keep the ones that go to the bottom.

  3. Dry the seeds in the shade and not under the sun as it will burn their tiny vessels. Spread them on a piece of paper for about a week until they are totally dry.

  4. Keep seeds for 3 years maximum. After 3 years, seeds usually go bad and they rot when sowed, they don't germinate.

  5. Always put labels with a short description and date of storage.

  6. Register your seeds.

*Keeping the best fruit seeds leads to a gradual fruit optimization.