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Keyhole Gardening

When in Paris...

...There was an event in front of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris informing people about community gardening, specifically a concept called Keyhole Gardening, a form of permaculture.

The basic concept is to have a round-ish spot of soil with a hole in the middle, which serves as a compost and therefore will give nutrients and humidity to the soil for the plants, herbs, veggies to grow around it.


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Forest garden project

One of the pieces of land which was offered to us by the municipality, seemed to be very attractive: two big areas of previously meadow, located on the fringes of the forest, next to a little pond, and in vicinity to allotment gardens, and a picnic area.
If there had not been these suspicious traces in the ground....

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crop rotation

Dear Andrea,

we were talking about your permaculture workshop and discussed the materials you provided with some Fitounais gardeners few days ago and one question came up:

how do you rotate plants in permaculture? I asked you during the workshop and you said there is no need for rotation when chosen the right combination and places for plants.

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