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What are "regional" species?

There are a number of good reasons to grow plant species which are indigenous to the region where the garden is laid, but then: what actually are typical "regional" species? Not easy to define - this is what we also experienced when visiting the "Samengarten" in Eichstetten / Kaiserstuhl on invitation of the foundation "Kaiserstühler Garten".

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Forest garden project

One of the pieces of land which was offered to us by the municipality, seemed to be very attractive: two big areas of previously meadow, located on the fringes of the forest, next to a little pond, and in vicinity to allotment gardens, and a picnic area.
If there had not been these suspicious traces in the ground....

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A Corfiot Garden

What was wonderful about visiting the gardens in Corfu was the great committment shown by the gardeners/farmers to their different approaches to gardening - from a full permaculture approach to standard organic and a small community garden. Each type gave us pause to reflect before moving on with our own garden activities at home!

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