Our visit at Kritika cooperative

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In May our project group of Lefkimmi visited the agriculture cooperative which is located at Kritika village, south Corfu and was established by local people, owners of small pieces of land, small gardens. We were guided in the plots and the greenhouse with tomatoes and cucumbers exclusively. People in charge showed us work systems: planting, watering, spraying, ventilation, harvesting, temperature regulation. Of great interest was pollination in the greenhouse. It's done by a special species of bees which is called "Vomvynos" and is hosted inside the greenhouse in special boxes!

There's quite a big variety of vegetables: spring onions, beans, lathyria (a species of beans one can find only in Corfu), chick peas, lettuce, corn, potatoes, courgettes and of course tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.

More photos from our visit at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/garden-future/pool/


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