Forest garden project

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One of the pieces of land which was offered to us by the municipality, seemed to be very attractive: two big areas of previously meadow, located on the fringes of the forest, next to a little pond, and in vicinity to allotment gardens, and a picnic area.


If there had not been these suspicious traces in the ground which we soon identified as the of wild boar which are regularly digging up the ground for food - not really the best conditions for starting a garden (or what we thought of as a garden so far).

Yet, after some considerations we decided to take the challenge, being inspired by examples of permaculture forest gardens and their assumed resilience to perturbations... Denis, one of the gardeners, learnt that some farmers had found a special mix of plant seeds which had proven to repel wild boar, and luckily they were providing us with some of it.

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So in order to not allow the meadow to grow too high whilst we were trying to make a proper analysis and planning for the site (with permaculture practices and principles :-), we were sowing strips of oat/ wetch and the before-mentioned "boar-repellent mix of seeds".

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For now, these are being framed by berry bushes and some willow-structure (maybe to serve as the backbone for a sitting place next year), for more fruit and nut trees to be planted in autumn....




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