Seed exchange-seed sowing workshop at the Second Chance School of Corfu.

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As our project group had been really interested in finding out how to preserve and multiply seeds from traditional local vegetable varieties, they organised a seed exchange - sowing workshop. They addressed all students of the school and asked them to find and bring traditional seeds of local vegetables. The project group brought little pots and soil for the sowing. We also invited 2 experts, Mr Saoulos and Mr. Kosmas, organic cultivators / members of the environmental association of Corfu. They are both “seedsavers” and explained to us the procedure on how to keep seeds from plants (see relevant tutorial at:/node/197), gave us useful tips and answered our students' questions. They also took part in the workshop, offering some of their own seeds. Almost all students responded to our project invitation and it was a surprise to see how many seeds were gathered, 4 tomato varieties, 3 cucumber varieties, aubergines, courgettes, melon, water melon, beans and a lot more. Soon, we had a small scale seed “festival”! We decided to sow tomatoes, aubergines and peppers as now is the right time for sowing such vegetables. We kept some other seeds we exchanged for a later sowing. We all left with 3 little pots each and are looking forward to participate in the Corfu seed exchange festival on the 6th of April!