A digital plant

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A digital device called "arduino" was adapted so as to  be used in our garden and let us know when our plants are.....thirsty! The experiment was performed by our project participants with the help of Dimitris Riggas, teacher of Informatics at our school. The device consists of the "arduino" plate and light-temperature sensors. Two metallic pins are driven into the soil to measure its electric resistance: high resistance = dry soil, low resistance = wet soil.The device also measures air temperature with the aid of a digital thermometer which we placed in a waterproof packet before putting it outdoors. We programmed the "arduino" so as to collect sensors data and store them in CARRIOTS through the Internet. We registered when we should water our plants and when we shouldn't and we got an e-mail from our device! Now, what is left is try the device for a long time and see how it works! Maybe we'll do that next year.....




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    That's really great. We

    That's really great. We already got the pieces for complete watering set, aimed to measure temperature, humidity and depending on these data, starting watering the plants by drip irrigation. The aim is to connect that to a solar panel so that we are independent of any external energy.
    The only thing: it needs to be done ;-) We are still at the basic work in our garden: building terraces, restoring walls...