Where we ......have "sowed some seeds"

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During the two years of "Seeds for the future" project, partners and learners from seven Europen countries worked together, organised and participated in seminars and workshops, got inspiration from each other, shared knoweledge and experiences, carried out a lot of research trying to learn as much as possible about sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of vegetable growing (see: www.garden-future.eu). We really wanted to share our project results with other people so we created a handy Gardener's guide with useful tutorials, workshop results and much more. We strongly feel that we have ............."sowed some seeds" and we are sure that a lot of people will find this guide very interesting and worth reading.

A PDF form of the guide will be uploaded on the school website


the school FB page


the Environmental Education Centre of Corfu


the District Education website

A printed guide will be offered to the Alternative Workshop who helped us disseminate our project last year and hosted us in the local summer festival they organised. Also, the printed guide will enrich the school project archives, will be handed out to project participants as well as any other interested student.