Fruit and vegetable processing

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Sometimes we get a rich harvest from our garden and we find ourselves with a fruit or vegetable surplus that we won't consume and on the other hand we wouldn't like it to be wasted. So, what  we could do with those extra vegetables and fruit is: a) supply our friends and neighbours and b) process them.

Our students are very interested in learning processing methods so we decided to organise workshops at school. We'll see how we can make jam from fruit, freeze or preserve vegetables which we'll consume out of season e.t.c We started with the jam workshop which we videotaped:

Our 2nd workshop on processing vegetables was  pickle-making. We can preserve veg surplus in brine and consume them in winter.


Our 3rd workshop was on processing tomatoes. Very often we get a surplus of tomatoes and it's a good solution to process it in sauce so that we can use it in winter. It's better to boil the tomato juice and store it in jars instead of just keeping it in the freezer as it will last longer.

Options we have: add any herbs we like to give the sauce various flavours e.g onions, garlic, parsley, spearmint, basil........


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